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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Stock calls for 2 December 2020


Dr Fauci: Another 60,000 Americans will die by Christmas from Covid.

Dr. Fauci said that another 60K Americans would die by Christmas from covid.

The US situation is very dire but the stubborn Americans still don't heed his advice.

This coming X'mas will be a dark X'mas for the US.

Australia soldiers killed innocent people in Afghanistan! - Part 3

Let me set the record straight. The brutal and merciless killings of Afghans by the Aussie soldiers had already been reported in the UK in early 2019. What did the Aussie do? They used innocent Afghans for target practices and also slit the throat of a 14-year old.

The UK government knew about the Aussie's atrocity a long time ago but chose to keep its silence and condone the heinous criminal war crime. Fortunately, a righteous lawyer tried to make this known and suffered an injustice. Where were all the human rights groups? However, the world didn't take note of this until a Chinese artist created a digital artwork and this was tweeted by a Chinese government official. The world reacted because it was China who created the uproar but everyone should focus on the atrocity committed by the Aussie instead. Let's not lose our focus and make sure that the Aussie doesn't commit such a war crime again.

Looking at this from a positive light, the world is paying attention to what China is saying nowadays. Therefore, if someone wants to send a message to the world, he/she has to go through China. Hahaha!

The US CDC has spoken the truth about Covid after Trump lost his presidential election.

The US CDC has spoken the truth after Trump's presidential loss.

The US CDC confirmed that the covid virus was present in the US prior to the Wuhan outbreak.

We had already stated this in our numerous postings.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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Stock calls for 1 December 2020

Australia soldiers killed innocent people in Afghanistan! - Part 2


The brutal and merciless killings of Afghanistan youth and adult were committed by Aussie but the human rights groups pretended not to see it.  Instead, human rights groups prefer to call on the US to stop arms sales to UAE.

Australia soldiers killed innocent people in Afghanistan! The Australian soldiers are guilty as charged (read the report above). They killed innocent and defenseless people in Afghanistan. The Australian government condones such criminal behaviours by letting them off the hooks too easily. The punishment doesn't commensurate with the severity of the committed crime.

As usual, human rights groups are missing again unless an Asian country like China is involved in this kind of atrocity. The late PM Lee Kuan Yew was right and he didn't call Australia the white trash of Asia for nothing. How do you expect the descendants of convicts to have integrity?

Monday, November 30, 2020

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Stock calls for 30 November 2020


Wow! Someone has projected that the US stock market will crash 40% by April 2021. - Part 2

Since we have a very high viewership for this post which makes it into our top 4 postings in just 3 days, we will comment further regarding this financial crisis prognosis.

In order for this phenomenon of a stock market crash of 40% by April 2020 and decades-long recovery to happen, we've envisaged the following events which must take place first before this prognosis will materialize.

A good vaccine must have 3 requisitions: Effective, Safe and Sustainable.

Currently, many vaccines are in phase 3 trials and are deemed to be effective and safe.  The only big unknown is the sustainability of the immunity since it takes time to verify the immunity period.  If the immunity period is only about 6 months after vaccination, we will need to take this vaccination on a regular basis especially when we need to travel abroad.  This will reduce our travel desire as the side effects of the vaccination can be quite severe, particularly for the 2nd dosage as stated in the phase 3 trial insofar.

The westerners are still unwilling to wear masks and maintain social distancing.  This will create another big outbreak after Christmas since the vaccines will most likely be available in Q2 2021.  There are many consecutive days of more than 100K Americans getting infected daily now in November 2020 which shows that the virus outbreak is already getting out of control.  Joe Biden can only implement the harsh measures as recommended by his adviser to contain the pandemic after 20 Jan 2021.  One of the toughest measures will be to lock down the US for about 6 weeks to stamp out the virus.

This lockdown will decimate the US economy and cause a big stock market crash, and the recovery will take decades because of the imposition of a new and permanent travel restriction (vaccination requirement).  The world will never be the same again after this pandemic.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hot news: China's new anti-stealth radars can detect, track and shoot F22 & F35.

Congrats to China for developing such an advanced anti-stealth radar!

The US will lose its air superiority during a US-China war in the South China Sea.

China can use the new radars to detect and track F22 & F35 whenever the US and Japan conduct military exercises in the South China Sea so that China can collect the US military data to prepare itself for a future war.