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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Another constellation is aligning and a big financial crisis is brewing this time. - Part 8

The world bank has just warned of a financial crisis tcorroborate our previous warnings.

I would like to offer a technical perspective after my previous qualitative analysis.

The Cape Ratio (Blue Line) is currently between 29-30.  This chart is showing that a bear market will proceed to start a downtrend when the Cape Ratio starts to fall from its recent peak.  The S&P 500 is at a record high now and the Cape Ratio has just started to fall below its recent peak which presages a bear market.

Both my qualitative and quantitative analyses are showing that the constellation is aligning and this gives consternation of an impending financial crisis.

The US FED is expected to remain on hold again! - Part 2

As expected, the US FED held its rates.  However, the US FED decided to hold the rates till 2023 and this would fan the inflation bubble further.

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The devious US is trying to poison all Asians now! - Part 4

Besides trying to poison Asians with chemical-laced meats, the US is trying to poison Asian vegetables now.  Once the US can conquer Thailand, it will be easier to bulldoze its way through ASEAN to accept Bayer's toxic products.

Vegans have to worry about their veggies now!

We had already reported this in 2019.

Singapore Nodx increased by 7.7% in August 2020.
Year on year changes (YOY):
August 2020: 7.7%
July 2020: 6%
June 2020: 16.1% (Revised to 13.9%)
May 2020: -4.6%
April 2020: 9.7%
March 2020: 17.6%
February 2020: 3% (Revised to 3.1%)
January 2020: - 3.3%
December 2019: 2.4%
November 2019: - 5.9%
October 2019: - 12.3%
September 2019: -8.1%
August 2019: - 8.9%
July 2019: -11.2%
June 2019: -17.3%
May 2019: -15.9%
April 2019: -10%
March 2019: -11.7%
February 2019: 4.9%
January 2019: -10.1%
December 2018: -8.5%
November 2018: -2.6%
October 2018: 8.3%
September 2018: 8.3%
August 2018: 5%
July 2018: 11.8% (Corrected)
June 2018: 1.1%
May 2018: 15.5%
April 2018: 11.8%
March 2018: -2.7%
February 2018: -5.9%
January 2018: 13%
December 2017: 3.1%
November 2017: 9.1%
October 2017: 20.9%
September 2017: -1.1%
August 2017: 16.7%
July 2017: 8.5%
June 2017: 8.2%
May 2017: -1.2%
Apr 2017: -0.7%
Mar 2017: 16.5%
Feb 2017: 21.1%
Jan 2017: 8.6%

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Bogus HK virologist's accusation about covid was quickly dismissed by other US scientists.

Other US scientists have come out quickly to dismiss the bogus HK virologist's accusation about COVID being created in Wuhan Lab because it is against all existing scientific literature of the virus.

If she is right, she will be awarded the Nobel prize but we all know that she won't because she is lying for the sake of a huge payout by Steve Bannon.  Other US scientists have connected her to Steve Bannon and the organization he set up.

We had already stated clearly in our previous posting that she was lying because the genome sequencing showed that the ancestral genome was traced back to the US.  If China created this virus in Wuhan Lab, the ancestral genome should be found in Wuhan residents but Wuhan had no such ancestral genome at all.

WTO found the US guilty of illegal imposition of tariffs against China. Hahaha!

The US was found guilty by WTO.  Needless to say, the US sanctions are also illegal.

If other countries continue to carry out US tariffs and sanctions against China, these countries will be breaching WTO rules too.

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CIA spy was caught in Venezuela. Hahaha!


CIA spy was caught by Venezuela for trying to sabotage oil refineries and electrical service.

If the US can do this to another country, then another country can do this to the US too.  This is what I called a fair game!

Monday, September 14, 2020

The Indian media is smearing China now.

Let me tear up the Indian's lie by giving my analysis.

I've stated previously that Wuhan was a commercial P4 lab registered with the UN and China won't use a commercial lab to create a biochem weapon since this was usually done in a classified military lab.

This HK virologist was working in HK and she didn't have any access to Wuhan Lab's material.  She also didn't have any security clearance from China to access CDC in China.  Therefore, there was no way she could get any intelligence from CDC in China.  If Wuhan Lab is government-controlled, the US wouldn't have approved a US$3.7m research grant to Wuhan Lab.

A government-controlled lab won't need to get a research grant from a foreign adversary in the first place.

This HK traitor was just making a claim about Wuhan Lab because she was paid to do so by the US.  She couldn't even provide any proof with her professional knowledge.  Furthermore, she also couldn't explain the ancestral virus genome which was traced back to the US.

The Indian news media always fabricate news.  Another recent example below.

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08/16/19DMG & PartnersThai Beverage0.9050.92Take ProfitSum of parts, PER19x FY20
08/22/19PhillipThai Beverage0.9250.83NeutralSum of parts
09/02/19UOB Kay HianThai Beverage0.90.87HoldSum of parts, Buy @ $0.76
10/01/19DBS VickersThai Beverage0.8850.91Buy
10/03/19CIMBThai Beverage0.881AddSum of parts
10/03/19UOB Kay HianThai Beverage0.880.87HoldSum of parts, Buy @ $0.76
11/25/19UOB Kay HianThai Beverage0.890.9HoldBuy @ $0.78
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09/14/20CIMBHo Bee2.192.7AddUp from $2.56
09/14/20PhillipKeppel DC Reit2.882.57Neutral
09/14/20Lim & TanKeppel Reit1.071.18Buy
09/14/20PhillipManulife US Reit0.7550.9Buy
09/14/20phillipPrime US Reit0.80.94Buy
09/14/20OCBCSembcorp Industries1.181.27HoldSum of parts, PB0.75x
09/14/20CIMBSingtel2.253.1AddSum of parts
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Friday, September 11, 2020

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10/24/19OCBCSuntec Reit1.852.05Hold
10/25/19UOB Kay HianSuntec Reit1.891.99HoldBuy @ $1.82
12/04/19DBS VickersSuntec Reit1.832.15Buy
12/10/19DMG & PartnersSuntec Reit1.842.08Buy
01/03/20DMG & PartnersSuntec Reit1.852.08BuyDDM
01/24/20DBS VickersSuntec Reit1.852.15BuyDCF
01/28/20OCBCSuntec Reit1.862.05Buy
02/25/20OCBCSuntec Reit1.82.05Buy
03/18/20DBS VickersSuntec Reit1.312.15Buy
03/30/20DMG & PartnersSuntec Reit1.332.08Buy
04/03/20DMG & PartnersSuntec Reit1.11.78BuyDDM
04/03/20OCBCSuntec Reit1.11.5Buy
04/03/20JefferiesSuntec Reit1.11.25Hold
04/23/20CIMBSuntec Reit1.291.75AddDDM
06/08/20DBS VickersSuntec Reit1.61.81BuyDCF
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04/20/20DBS VickersSunpower0.4250.49HoldDCF
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05/18/20DBS VickersSunpower0.430.49HoldDCF
05/20/20UOB Kay HianSunpower0.4450.88Buy
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Stock calls for 11 September 2020

09/11/20Kim EngAEM3.295.05Buy
09/11/20DBS VickersJumbo0.3250.21Fully Valued
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09/11/20DBS VickersLendlease Reit0.660.85Buy
09/11/20DBS VickersOCBC8.589.3HoldGGM, PB0.8x FY21
09/11/20Lim & TanPanUnited0.290.31HoldPB1x FY20
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09/11/20DBS VickersUOB19.3922.2BuyGGM, PB0.9x FY21

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The US inflation is coming! - Part 2

A chief strategist has supported my prediction that US inflation is coming!

He is saying that US inflation may reach 10% in a few years.  A 10% inflation with low or no economic growth is called stagflation and this is something very difficult to resolve.

If you've been reading my blog, you would know that I've been warning about US inflation especially hyperinflation because of the US FED actions.

The devious US is trying to poison all Asians now! - Part 3

I was using some old records and needed to provide another update.

Insofar, there are 27 countries that approved Ractopamine but there will be 28 countries if Taiwan is included.

Ractopamine is usually fed to the pigs just days before they're slaughtered because this chemical is just not fit for human consumption.  However, the pigs reacted adversely to this chemical with just days of consumption.

Sunningdale - Stock calls


08/07/19UOB Kay HianSunningdale1.281.01Sell
11/08/19UOB Kay HianSunningdale1.271.13HoldPER12.3x FY20, Buy @ $1.05
12/13/19Lim & TanSunningdale1.280Buy
03/02/20UOB Kay HianSunningdale1.211.06HoldBuy @ $1
03/20/20Lim & TanSunningdale0.820Buy
05/08/20UOB Kay HianSunningdale0.981.02HoldPB0.54x FY20, Buy @ $0.90
05/11/20Lim & TanSunningdale10Hold
08/11/20Lim & TanSunningdale1.180Buy
09/10/20Lim & TanSunningdale1.250Buy