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Friday, August 5, 2016

Economic crisis is developing in South Korea.

An economic crisis is developing in South Korea because of the establishment of THAAD system.

China has started to whip South Korea for being a bad neighbour because it is threatening China's national security with THAAD.

China starts with anti-dumping tariff for steel imports from South Korean and has moved on to ban Korean TV contents and talents.  South Korea's economy is heavily dependent on 10 conglomerates such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc.  Therefore, China will start to attack these 10 conglomerates so that South Korea will back down on THAAD. 

China has started to aim its missiles at THAAD site in South Korea for self-preservation purpose.  Is THAAD really a safety measure for South Korea or THAAD a danger?

THAAD is used for protection against high altitude missiles but North Korea has mostly low altitude missiles and low flying rockets.  THAAD cannot be used for those low flying missiles and rockets such as scuds.  Therefore, only patriot missiles can protect South Korean against low flying missiles, rockets and artillaries.

It is estimated that North Korea has more than 10,000 mobile rocket launchers and these will be used to attack South Korea during the war.  Therefore, South Korea's main threat is these 10,000 mobile rocket launchers which the THAAD system cannot detect and destroy.  Many analysts know this and know that the true purpose of THAAD is to suppress China & Russia's ICBMs.

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Eric Ho said...

Korea has its first casualty in this upcoming economic crisis.