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Sunday, November 19, 2017

China has replaced Singapore with Philippines as the facilitator between China and ASEAN.

Philippines knew what Trump was up to with this ASEAN visit.  Therefore, the Philippines protested against Trump prior to his visitation.

China Premier stayed behind in the Philippines after the ASEAN summit to discuss and sign 14 agreements between China & Philippines.  Furthermore, Philippines had proposed to China that it's willing to be the facilitator between China and ASEAN.  However, this point was not highlighted in the news but caught the attention of some news channel.  I learnt about this from some Chinese media channel.  Therefore, we can foresee that the Philippines will play a more proactive role in forging the bridge between China and ASEAN and Singapore will lose its importance over time in ASEAN.

No wonder Duterte rejected Trump as the mediator in South China Sea because the Philippines wanted to be the ASEAN facilitator.

China and Philippines are the biggest winners for this ASEAN summit as China has settled the South China Sea issue with Philippines and Vietnam.

1 comment:

Eric Ho said...

Initially, I found Duterte as a boor because of his demeanour. However, he has started to earn my respect lately.

He has shown his brilliance many times.

He knew about the tension between SG & China and SG would be the chairman for ASEAN next year. Therefore, he quickly took advantage of the situation and provided a political safety net to China by offering to be the ASEAN facilitator.

China will definitely take up the offer as a precaution against SG for being anti-China next year.