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Friday, December 23, 2016

The new economy and radical social structure in the year 20XX.

We are facing an industrial revolution whereby robotic and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will overtake the world that will create an entirely different economy and new social structure that we have not envisaged in our existing society.

Many “dark factories” without human involvements will start popping up in the new economy under this industrial revolution to cater to market demands.  These dark factories will operate under darkness because robotic devices and AI machines can produce goods and services 24 hours daily more efficiently and effectively than humans.  Furthermore, driverless mobility units will be plying the road, sea and air to transport goods and humans at varying speeds in this new environment.

Healthcare and medical services will be performed by AI robotic devices which are completely different from tele-operated robotic devices that still require medical staffs’ involvements.  AI medical devices are able to analyze millions of medical cases prior to the actual operations to provide the best course of medical actions available that a surgeon cannot fulfill and will be more professional than any medical doctor.

All these radical technological changes will engender new societal developments that governments have to manage and handle especially for mismatch of labour requirements.

The “new residents” will only be academically trained but without actual working experiences in this new society.  These new residents will no longer be able to earn incomes but will receive state allowances for subsistence.  The determinants for individual allowances for subsistence will become a challenging task that needs to be circumvented in this new world.  Inadvertently, new social activities, norms and cultures will ensue from this upcoming industrial revolution.

This industrial revolution may sound foreboding to you as a human but this is something unavoidable.  The faster we adopt and embrace this revolution, the better we will be compared to secular countries that are resistant to changes.

Humans are resistant to changes but if we don’t have the courage for change, we will not progress and evolve.

This is my awakening Christmas gift for mankind.  Merry Christmas to all!


Eric Ho said...

The new world is coming soon!

Eric Ho said...

The basic level of AI requires an input of existing or pre-existing information or data for analyses. The advanced AI will be a heuristic process where only logic is required and the AI will analyze based on logic without any reference to past information or data. Therefore, we still have a lot of rooms to grow in this area.

Eric Ho said...

AI is better than pathologist now!