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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Jiang Zemin lost the political battle to Xi Jinping.

A picture really tells a thousand words.

Despite Jiang's flailing condition, he had to attend Xi's presentation in the 19th Communist Party Congress to give the face to Xi.  In fact, Jiang could have excused himself from the Party Congress based on his poor health.

We still could tell that Jiang and Xi had an acrimonious relationship because Xi didn't bother to help Jiang to be seated.  Xi just stood there like a statue without displaying any kind gesture.

It's pretty obvious who won the political battle in China.

There is a rumour circulating that Jiang and Xi have reached a settlement in secrecy.  Xi will not persecute Jiang for corruption and also spare his 2 sons in exchange for the support in Xi's leadership continuation.

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