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Friday, November 15, 2019

How did UK deal with riots in HK in 1967?

The current HK riot is not the first in HK history.  There was a leftist riot in HK in 1967 under the UK ruling.

In 1967, HK had about 3m population and 51 people were killed and close to 5,000 people were arrested.

In 2019, HK has about 7.5m population.  If the HK police were not restrained under China ruling, more people would have to die and more would be arrested.  If HK was still under the UK ruling, at least 100 people would die and 10,000 people would be arrested.

Therefore, Hongkongers should be thankful that they're under China's ruling now.


Unknown said...

LOL!!! Maybe that's how UK managed to quell the 1967 riots in a shorter timeframe???!?

No lah, they also addressed the people's main concerns early on, which eventually led to laws & regulations for better workers' rights in terms of pay, equality & discrimination (especially against angmoh colleagues), and working conditions.

Eric Ho said...

You don't get it, do you?

The UK government used harsh and violent crackdown on riots to restore peace and order before policy implementation.

Unknown said...

That's what I said --- 1 + 1.

You never see the "also" in my post?!?! LOL!!!

Rulers need to use both carrot & stick.

Eric Ho said...

You are wrong. We can never negotiate with terrorists and we must use stick against them.

The HK rioters are terrorising ordinary citizens and tourists.

Our PM Lee also stated very clearly that the 5 demands were meant to humiliate and topple the HK government.