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Property Advertisement (New Launch) - Penrose condominium at Sims Drive
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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Ordinary HK citizens are fighting back. Get out, black tees!

As I've said before, when the government and police are weak, the rioters and protestors will rule the streets.

The black tees alleged the HK government of police brutality.  If there was indeed police brutality, the black tees would not be able to rule the streets.  If there was indeed police brutality, ordinary HK citizens would not need to fight off the black tees on their own because the police could deter the black tees.

The ordinary HK citizens have had enough of the black tees terrorizing them and are fighting back by clearing the streets.  When more and more ordinary HK citizens are fighting back and protecting their own communities, the black tees will have no place to run and hide.  This is why the black tees are retreating into campuses and turning the campuses into their forts.  This development usually becomes the last battleground.

How is that so?

When you don't have a fort, it is difficult to crumble you.  When you have a fort, this makes it very easy to decimate you.

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