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Saturday, September 14, 2019

My observations of the HK protests.

From this video, we can tell that the organizers are facing some cash flow problems as they're keeping a tight rein of their funds.

The pro-china protestors have started to come out this weekend because the ordinary residents are fed up with these black protestors who disrupt their daily lives.

These black protestors have incurred the wrath of the general public and are also not getting paid on time.

I think the black protestors will dwindle in size in the future because they're not getting paid and they will also face the pro-China protestors which will make their protests more difficult and dangerous.  The black protestors know that the police will be restraint in hitting them but the pro-china protestors won't.

We've stated that these black protestors would be at the receiving end in the end.

Anyway, I wish HK the best and peace and order will return soon.

1 comment:

Eric Ho said...

The HK rioters should be thankful that their HK police are more restrained than Indonesian police.

There is not a single death yet in HK after 3 months of protests but Indonesia has got 2 deaths already in such a short protest.