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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Hong Kong protestors are daft youngsters.

The HK stock market goes up almost 1,000 points today because the HK government is expected to announce the withdrawal of the extradition bill.

The HK protestors are daft youngsters because they exude stupidity beyond my comprehension.  Why?

HK Lam announced that the extradition bill was dead in July 2019 which meant that it couldn't be resuscitated.  In other words, she meant it to be scrapped and gave the protestors more than what they had bargained for.  The law is very specific and must not be a subject of contention.  However, the protestors didn't understand the legality of the term and insisted on withdrawal in which the bill could be reintroduced in the future.  This is the stupidity that I cannot comprehend.

The HK protestors had shortchanged themselves unknowingly and the stock investors joined in without a proper understanding of the legal term.

By withdrawing the bill, the HK government can rehash and reintroduce the bill later and this will create an overhang among the protestors.  Therefore, the HK protests won't stop even after this withdrawal announcement.

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