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Monday, August 31, 2020

Roxy-Pacific - Stock calls


08/05/19DBS VickersRoxy-Pacific0.390.39HoldRNAV (55% discount)

Riverstone - Stock calls

08/13/19DBS VickersRiverstone0.91.16BuyPER14.5x FY20
11/11/19DBS VickersRiverstone0.9851.16BuyPER14.5x FY20
02/27/20DBS VickersRiverstone1.051.34BuyPER20x FY20
05/08/20UOB Kay HianRiverstone1.211.46BuyPER22x FY20
05/13/20UOB Kay HianRiverstone1.622.15BuyPER23.7x FY20
05/13/20DBS VickersRiverstone1.622.2BuyPER26x FY20
05/14/20CIMBRiverstone1.841.86AddPER19.3x CY21
05/22/20CIMBRiverstone1.942.5AddPER22.7x CY21
05/26/20UOB Kay HianRiverstone1.872.53BuyPER23.1x FY20
06/03/20DBS VickersRiverstone2.243.09BuyPER28x FY20
06/12/20CIMBRiverstone2.253.12AddPER22.7x CY21
06/17/20UOB Kay HianRiverstone2.373.15BuyPER23.1x FY20
07/07/20UOB Kay HianRiverstone2.933.6BuyPER23.1x FY20
07/15/20DBS VickersRiverstone3.13.9BuyPER24x FY20
08/06/20DBS VickersRiverstone4.215.51BuyPER28.4x FY21
08/07/20UOB Kay HianRiverstone4.536BuyPER23.2x FY21

Rex - Stock calls

12/12/19UOB Kay HianRex0.1670.218BuySum of parts, PB1.1x FY20
03/05/20UOB Kay HianRex0.1840.27BuySum of parts
07/22/20UOB Kay HianRex0.1880.3BuySum of parts

Stock calls for 31 August 2020

08/31/20Kim EngA-Reit3.314Buy
08/31/20UOB Kay HianAvi-Tech0.430.495Buy
08/31/20CIMBFrencken0.941.06AddPER10x FY21
08/31/20CIMBIfast Corp2.372.44HoldSum of parts
08/31/20DBS VickersLendlease Reit0.640.85BuyPB1x FY21
08/31/20DBS VickersMapletree Commercial1.932.25Buy
08/31/20Kim EngMapletree Industrial3.043.4Buy
08/31/20Kim EngMapletree Logistics2.062.4Buy
08/31/20Lim & TanMicro-Mechanics2.070Buy on weakness
08/31/20CIMBPenguin0.4350.55AddPB0.7x FY20
08/31/20DBS VickersSPH1.091.26Hold
08/31/20Lim & TanWing Tai1.710Buy

Saturday, August 29, 2020

How to interpret the latest US FED's speech?

 The US FED had dropped its target inflation rate of 2%.  What does this signify?

This signifies that the US FED is facing a conundrum.  The US FED is feeling the colossal debt stress that it has to create inflation but cannot allow the rising inflation to affect its stimulative monetary policies.  Therefore, the US FED is changing its stance so that its stimulative monetary policies can continue to boost the US sagging economic growth.

Please read below to understand more about inflation.

Huge US layoffs are coming!

American airlines - 19,000 layoffs

Delta airline - 1,900 layoffs

MGM - 18,000 layoffs

Coca Cola - 4,000 layoffs

Salesforce - 1,000 layoffs

If the economic downturn is only temporary, the US companies won't lay off so many employees.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Another racial killing by the US police.


The US police have committed another racial killing after George Floyd.

Where are the international human rights groups? Why are they so quiet now?

The human rights groups accused HK police of human rights violation but they kept quiet about the brutal racial killing by the US police. Sigh!

Shame on those international human rights groups!

Raffles Medical - Stock calls

07/30/19UOB Kay HianRaffles Medical1.031.27BuyDCF
07/30/19DMG & PartnersRaffles Medical1.031.02Neutral
07/30/19DBS VickersRaffles Medical1.031.12HoldSum of parts
07/31/19phillipRaffles Medical1.041.09NeutralDCF
07/31/19Kim EngRaffles Medical1.041.05HoldDCF
07/31/19OCBCRaffles Medical1.041.06Hold
10/30/19DMG & PartnersRaffles Medical11.02NeutralDCF
10/30/19CIMBRaffles Medical11.16AddSum of parts
10/30/19UOB Kay HianRaffles Medical11.27BuyDCF
10/30/19DBS VickersRaffles Medical11.12Hold
11/05/19phillipRaffles Medical11.05NeutralDCF
11/05/19Kim EngRaffles Medical11.07HoldDCF
11/05/19OCBCRaffles Medical11.02Hold
02/25/20DMG & PartnersRaffles Medical1.020.96NeutralDCF
02/25/20UOB Kay HianRaffles Medical1.021.21BuyDCF
02/25/20DBS VickersRaffles Medical1.021.1HoldSum of parts
02/25/20Kim EngRaffles Medical1.021.06HoldDCF
02/25/20CIMBRaffles Medical1.021.16Add
02/26/20phillipRaffles Medical1.010.99NeutralDCF
03/25/20CIMBRaffles Medical0.7450.98AddSum of parts
04/28/20DMG & PartnersRaffles Medical0.870.93NeutralDCF
04/28/20UOB Kay HianRaffles Medical0.871.11BuyDCF
04/28/20OCBCRaffles Medical0.871.02Buy
04/29/20Kim EngRaffles Medical0.870.99BuyDCF
04/29/20DBS VickersRaffles Medical0.870.96HoldSum of parts
07/28/20DMG & PartnersRaffles Medical0.920.91NeutralDCF
07/28/20UOB Kay HianRaffles Medical0.921.07BuyDCF
07/28/20CIMBRaffles Medical0.920.96Hold
07/28/20Kim EngRaffles Medical0.920.99HoldDCF
07/28/20OCBCRaffles Medical0.920.96Hold
07/28/20DBS VickersRaffles Medical0.920.95HoldSum of parts
07/28/20Lim & TanRaffles Medical0.920Hold
07/29/20phillipRaffles Medical0.920.94NeutralDCF

Propnex - Stock calls

08/16/19UOB Kay HianPropnex0.5050.5Hold
10/14/19UOB Kay HianPropnex0.490.56BuyPER12x FY20
11/15/19UOB Kay HianPropnex0.5250.62BuyPER12x FY20
02/21/20Lim & TanPropnex0.530.68Buy
02/28/20UOB Kay HianPropnex0.5550.68Buy
03/06/20UOB Kay HianPropnex0.5550.68Buy
03/10/20Lim & TanPropnex0.5150.68Buy
05/15/20Lim & TanPropnex0.4850Buy
05/19/20UOB Kay HianPropnex0.50.65Buy
08/14/20UOB Kay HianPropnex0.5850.69Buy

Perennial Reit - Stock calls

02/21/20DBS VickersPerennial Reit0.520.83BuyRNAV (55% discount)
05/08/20DBS VickersPerennial Reit0.50.83Buy
06/16/20CIMBPerennial Reit0.940.994Accept offerOffer $0.95
11/05/19DBS VickersPrime US Reit0.941.05BuyDCF
02/13/20Kim EngPrime US Reit1.021.1BuyDDM
03/06/20DBS VickersPrime US Reit0.9951.05BuyDCF
06/24/20DBS VickersPrime US Reit0.8051Buy
07/20/20phillipPrime US Reit0.7650.88BuyDDM
08/11/20phillipPrime US Reit0.8150.94BuyDDM

Stock calls for 28 August 2020

08/28/20Lim & TanBRC Asia1.121.25HoldDCF
08/28/20DMG & PartnersDairy Farm4.274.47Neutral
08/28/20Lim & TanEllipsiz0.330Hold
08/28/20DMG & PartnersJapan Foods0.330.33Neutral
08/28/20DMG & PartnersJumbo0.3450.19Sell
08/28/20DMG & PartnersKimly0.2550.26Buy
08/28/20DBS VickersSilverlake0.30.4BuyPER17.6x FY21

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Penguin - Stock calls


08/07/19phillipPenguin0.4950.61BuyPER5x FY19 (ex-cash)
10/09/19UOB Kay HianPenguin0.620.85BuyPER7.6x FY2020
11/08/19CIMBPenguin0.660.81AddPB1x FY20
11/08/19UOB Kay HianPenguin0.660.85Buy
11/11/19phillipPenguin0.70.93BuyPER5x FY20 (ex-cash)
12/06/19UOB Kay HianPenguin0.7250.85Buy
02/26/20CIMBPenguin0.710.82AddPB1x FY20
02/26/20UOB Kay HianPenguin0.710.85Buy
02/27/20phillipPenguin0.6750.88BuyPER5x FY20 (ex-cash)
04/15/20Lim & TanPenguin0.4950.7BuyPB1x
06/01/20Lim & TanPenguin0.50Buy
06/03/20phillipPenguin0.5250.55AccumulatePB0.7x FY20
06/10/20UOB Kay HianPenguin0.520.6Buy
08/12/20UOB Kay HianPenguin0.430.42HoldBuy @ $0.34

Parkway Life - Stock calls

07/31/19Lim & TanParkway Life3.060Hold
08/01/19UOB Kay HianParkway Life3.063.25Buy
08/01/19DBS VickersParkway Life3.063.35Buy
10/31/19Lim & TanParkway Life3.240Hold
11/01/19UOB Kay HianParkway Life3.273.58BuyDDM
11/01/19CIMBParkway Life3.273.26Hold
01/22/20Lim & TanParkway Life3.40Hold
01/29/20UOB Kay HianParkway Life3.63.78BuyDDM
02/13/20DBS VickersParkway Life3.564BuyDCF
04/23/20UOB Kay HianParkway Life3.343.78BuyDDM
04/23/20CIMBParkway Life3.343.38HoldDDM
04/27/20Lim & TanParkway Life3.310Hold
07/29/20UOB Kay HianParkway Life3.443.8BuyDDM
07/29/20Lim & TanParkway Life3.440Hold
07/30/20CIMBParkway Life3.443.43Hold

Pan-United - Stock calls

01/28/20Lim & TanPanUnited0.3750Buy on weakness
02/11/20Lim & TanPanUnited0.3650.56BuyPB2x FY21
04/06/20Lim & TanPanUnited0.270Hold
06/18/20Lim & TanPanUnited0.310Buy
06/23/20Lim & TanPanUnited0.3150Hold
08/04/20Lim & TanPanUnited0.290.31HoldPB1x FY20

Stock calls for 27 August 2020

08/27/20AmfrasersAccordia Golf Trust0.7450.75Accept offer
08/27/20Lim & TanGL Ltd0.5550Hold
08/27/20UOB Kay HianMarco Polo0.0160.02Buy
08/27/20CIMBSilverlake0.3050.39AddPER16.3x CY21

A big resurgence of covid-19 outbreak may happen in the US soon. Why?

The US is getting hit by twin hurricanes (Marco & Laura) and the US meteorologists have not seen such weather phenomenon for the past 150 years.  The usual pattern is that one hurricane will weaken while the other hurricane will strengthen over time.  The worst case is that the 2 hurricanes will combine into a super hurricane (Cat 5) and will become very destructive.

As for now, Marco is weakening and Laura will be upgraded to a Cat 4 hurricane.  Thus, hundreds of thousands of Americans in the affected areas will be evacuated and put into shelters.  This large sheltering will hugely increase the probability of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

We had already stated this possibility in our projection below.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Covid-19 immunity can only last about 4 months!

Many recent reinfection cases are showing that COVID-19 immunity can only last about 4 months.  Furthermore, there are different COVID variants now and we can get reinfected by other variants after our immunity period.

We cannot be taking COVID vaccinations regularly if the vaccine can only last a few months.  What we need is a better treatment plan and medication to recover from this virus.

Huawei court trial shows that we cannot get a fair trial in Canada.

How did a so-called "bank fraud" in HK become a national security issue in Canada?  It is very obvious that Canada has committed a judiciary error in detaining Meng during her transit in Canada.  Therefore, the Canadian court cannot release more information.

How can Meng get a fair trial in this way?  A HK bank fraud will never become national security in Canada no matter how we look at it.

Furthermore, the recent HSBC's email correspondences showed that HSBC knew the exact relationship between Huawei and Iran.

PACC Offshore - Stock calls

08/08/19DBS VickersPACC Offshore0.1450.15HoldPB0.6x
11/07/19DBS VickersPACC Offshore0.210.22HoldPB1x FY19

Oxley - Stock calls

09/11/19DMG & PartnersOxley0.310.41Buy
09/24/19DMG & PartnersOxley0.3050.43BuyRNAV (45% discount)
09/25/19UOB Kay HianOxley0.310.64BuyRNAV (30% discount)
10/02/19DMG & PartnersOxley0.320.43Buy
10/15/19DMG & PartnersOxley0.3250.43BuyRNAV (45% discount)
10/29/19UOB Kay HianOxley0.340.5BuyRNAV (30% discount)
11/14/19DMG & PartnersOxley0.3450.43BuyRNAV (45% discount)
12/16/19DMG & PartnersOxley0.350.43BuyRNAV (45% discount)
01/08/20DMG & PartnersOxley0.3750.43Buy
02/11/20UOB Kay HianOxley0.340.49Buy
02/12/20DMG & PartnersOxley0.340.42BuyRNAV (45% discount)
03/27/20DMG & PartnersOxley0.220.36BuyRNAV (55% discount)
04/07/20DMG & PartnersOxley0.1990.36Buy
04/13/20UOB Kay HianOxley0.2250.48BuyRNAV (30% discount)
04/13/20DMG & PartnersOxley0.2250.31BuyRNAV (55% discount)
05/27/20DMG & PartnersOxley0.230.29BuyRNAV (55% discount)
07/14/20DMG & PartnersOxley0.2350.29Buy

Overseas Education - Stock calls

08/19/19UOB Kay HianOverseas Edu0.2850.46Buy
09/11/19Lim & TanOverseas Edu0.290Buy
11/12/19UOB Kay HianOverseas Edu0.2850.46Buy
12/19/19Lim & TanOverseas Edu0.320Buy
02/17/20Lim & TanOverseas Edu0.3650Buy
02/18/20UOB Kay HianOverseas Edu0.3650.49Buy
06/18/20Lim & TanOverseas Edu0.320Buy on weakness
08/17/20Lim & TanOverseas Edu0.290Buy

Stock calls for 26 August 2020

08/26/20AmfrasersAvarga0.2150.43UnratedPER10x FY20
08/26/20UOB Kay HianFar East Hospitality0.520.58Buy
08/26/20UOB Kay HianFrasers Hospitality Trust0.440.54Buy
08/26/20DMG & PartnersSGX8.639.5BuyPER24x FY21
08/26/20DMG & PartnersVenture20.2120.2NeutralPER17x FY21

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

OUE Hospitality - Stock calls

07/04/19DMG & PartnersOUE Hospitality0.720.76Take Profit

OUE Commercial - Stock calls

10/04/19DBS VickersOUE Commercial0.540.59Buy
10/04/19CIMBOUE Commercial0.540.61Hold
11/15/19DBS VickersOUE Commercial0.540.6BuyDCF
11/19/19OCBCOUE Commercial0.5450.535Hold
11/19/19CIMBOUE Commercial0.5450.57HoldDDM
12/04/19DBS VickersOUE Commercial0.560.6Buy
02/03/20OCBCOUE Commercial0.5450.55Hold
02/03/20DBS VickersOUE Commercial0.5450.6BuyDCF
02/13/20CIMBOUE Commercial0.5250.53HoldDDM
03/30/20DBS VickersOUE Commercial0.3350.6Buy
03/30/20OCBCOUE Commercial0.3350.4Hold
06/08/20DBS VickersOUE Commercial0.40.5BuyDCF
06/08/20CIMBOUE Commercial0.40.482Hold
07/27/20Lim & TanOUE Commercial0.3950Buy on weakness
07/28/20CIMBOUE Commercial0.390.482Hold
08/04/20OCBCOUE Commercial0.370.39Hold