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Saturday, October 31, 2020

The US daily covid infection rate had crossed 100,000!

Trump is the president that has caused the most Americans' death toll in US history.  The daily infection rate of 100K is more than the entire covid cases in China and Trump doesn't care about the US death toll at all.

In 2016, Trump said the following to Hillary Clinton during the presidential election.

Trump: You cannot even satisfy your husband, so how can you satisfy the Americans?

In 2020, I will say this to Trump.

You cannot even protect yourself from Covid, so how can you protect the US from Covid?

The Americans are not interested in Biden's scandal because it doesn't affect them but Covid will kill them if they still vote for Trump.

Who will the Americans vote for this time?  Will they vote for an existing president who will kill them or a new president who will save them?  Let's see.

Baltic dry index - 1283

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US rig count - 822

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Why did the US orchestrate Thailand's protests?

 The US has just revealed its motive for orchestrating the BKK protests.

We had stated previously that Thailand banned ractopamine US pork and US chemical fertilizer.  Therefore, the US tried to force Thailand to accede to US demands by orchestrating the BKK protests to overthrow the ruling government.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

The US inventories are rising as we've expected.

The US retailers' inventories surged recently and we had already projected this.

The increases in inventories will add to GDP growth because inventories are a sub-component of GDP.

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Many Hongkongers are regretting their riotings in 2018-2019 now! - Part 3

The US consulate in HK has turned away those HK activists seeking asylum.  Hahaha!

These Hongkongers don't understand the true nature of the US.  The US's modus operandum is a "USE & DUMP" strategy.  After using these Hongkongers, the US will just dump them like a piece of used tissue paper.

The Kurds shed blood and died for the US but the US also abandoned them.  What did these Hongkongers do for the US? These Hongkongers only received payments for the protests and had no value for the US after the protests ended.

These Hongkongers also habour the thought that the UK will take them in and they can live happily ever after in the UK.  If the UK really welcomes immigrants, the British won't vote for Brexit.

Use your brain and don't listen to the western politicians!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Many Hongkongers are regretting their riotings in 2018-2019 now! - Part 2

Let's look at the real characteristics of Hongkongers.

The Hongkongers knew that the protests could cause the HK economy to plunge and the unemployment rate would rise but they still chanted "Let's go to hell altogether!" during the protests.  When reality bites, they refuse to go to hell altogether.

These people are fighting against their employers now when it was their employers who encouraged them to protest.  The saying, "You don't feel the pain when the needle doesn't prick you.", is really reflecting that in HK now.  Hahaha!

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OMG! Singapore is trying to divide ASEAN now to show its support for the US.

Instead of unifying ASEAN, Singapore is doing the exact opposite by persuading other ASEAN members to kick out Cambodia and Laos.

I knew that SG was anti-Cambodia but never thought that it would be to this extent.

Why did SG do such a thing?  This is because SG is trying to help the US to increase its influence in ASEAN by reducing some pro-China supporters (Cambodia & Laos).

The latest survey conducted by SG showed that 7 ASEAN members supported China.

Things will not bode well for SG by offending these 2 ASEAN members (Cambodia & Laos) because they will not support SG in the future and SG's influence in ASEAN will be greatly reduced.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Who will win the US presidential election? - Part 4

Trump has reckoned that smearing Biden has lesser repercussions than going to war with China.

There is a smearing campaign against the Biden family now and a lot of scandals have surfaced.  Hunter Biden (the son) was rumoured to have sex with his sister-in-law (eldest brother's wife) and her daughter (teenage niece).  Furthermore, he was also rumoured to take drugs together with Obama's teenage daughter and also had sex with her.  There are many sex photos and videos about such scandals online now and I don't want to post them here as my blog is a healthy site.

I will post a picture of Obama daughter's credit card here.

The white powder was speculated to be cocaine.

S&P 500 Technical analysis. - Part 12


The S&P 500 had crashed through 2 candlestick gaps and closed just above the 60-day SMA.  If the S&P cannot maintain above the 60-day SMA, it will fall further as the next support level is the next candlestick gap line (thicker line).

We still maintain a bearish trend for S&P unless there are at least 2 bullish indicators.

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Baltic dry index - 1415

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US rig count - 830

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Western forces are behind Thailand (BKK) protests! - Part 4

There is incremental evidence unraveling that foreign forces are behind the BKK protests after our first posting.  It is not easy to raise local funds for the protests because many Thais are not doing well as Thailand's economy is badly affected by the pandemic.   Therefore, I do not believe that the protests are funded by the locals. 

The Thai government must instruct the Thai police, DSI, to investigate the BKK protests and arrest the people involved in organizing and taking foreign funds to support the protests.  The DSI must also investigate the local NGOs which are taking foreign donations as these foreign-funded NGOs are most likely funding the protests.

The Thai government must not give in to the protestors' demands because doing so will only embolden the protestors and make them demand more.  The Thai government must learn from the mistakes made by the HK government.  The HK government relented and retracted the extradition bill which emboldened the HK rioters to demand more by staging more protests to disrupt the HK economy.  In the end, it was the imposition of the national security act that quelled the HK protests.  Therefore, it was the tougher measure that put an end to all the chaos and not the relentment.

All foreign-funded protests, no matter the cause, must be cracked down on because the real intention of the foreign forces is to overthrow the ruling government.  These foreign forces are neither altruistic nor have the real intention to improve the local residents' lives but to fulfill their selfish political agendas.  If the protests are not quashed in time, the bankruptcies and unemployment rates will rise in Thailand because its economy will deteriorate faster during the covid period.

I do not support foreign-funded protests because such protests will not improve the economy but will worsen the economy instead.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

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No US monetary and fiscal policy can save the US stock markets. - Part 5

It has been some time since I last updated this posting.  Therefore, I will highlight some economic indicators to show that there is a limit to what the US FED can do beyond a certain threshold.  Do not believe in analysts that tell you not to fight the FED because the FED is not omnipotent.

The FED balance sheet has exceeded US$7T because of its stimulative policies to revive the US economy.  How much more can the FED buy to protect its economy?  How effective is the FED's purchases in helping to support the economy?

Some analysts said that the FED balance sheet could top US$10T if it w
ould be necessary to support the US economy.  Well, I doubt the effectiveness of this type of asset purchase because the FED is only keeping the zombies alive by prolonging their existence.

Chapter 11 cases (Corp. bankruptcies) would be much higher than the projected number without the debt or loan moratorium periods imposed by the US government and the FED asset purchases (MBS, CMBS, etc) during this covid outbreak.  Therefore, we can expect a deluge of bankruptcies after these policies are withdrawn because zombies are still zombies after all.

The US excess reserves have been increasing after August 2020.  Why?  Is the IOER so attractive that the US banks are rushing to deposit their excess cash with the FED to earn the high-interest return?  Of course not!

The IOER is at 0.10% but the US banks are still interested to park their excess cash with the FED.  Why?

Well, I can only say that the US banks are less inclined to do money lendings to earn better interest returns than the IOER.  Why?  There are many reasons for this.  

Maybe the banks cannot find better opportunities.
Maybe the banks are risk-averse nowadays.
Maybe the banks are not optimistic about the future.

I let my viewers form their own opinions but the fact is the US banks are parking their cash with the FED instead of pumping the cash into the financial system to increase the money supply as expected by the FED.  My take on this is that the FED action (increase the money supply) is losing its efficacy.

Maybe the bank is right after all.  Why?

The US permanent job losses have been spiking since January 2020.  The permanent job losses mean that these jobs won't return after the pandemic.  Whatever is gone is lost forever!  It looks like the stimulative policies cannot save these jobs at all.

The velocity of M2 money plunges into the abyss in 2020.  What does the velocity mean?  In layman terminology, the velocity means the turnover rate of money.  The Americans are well known for being spenders than savers but they're keeping their monies longer with them in 2020 and have a lesser propensity to use their monies which results in the velocity falling off the precipice.  Why are Americans not using their monies frequently in 2020 like before?  I will let my viewers think about this.  All I can say is that a healthy economy will not have such a significant plunge in just a year.  Are the stimulative policies not working anymore?

Last but not least, I must say that a healthy stock market and a good economy must have corresponding good economic traits.  Otherwise, a financial crisis will ensue after the threshold is breached.  Where is that threshold? I really don't know but I will know it when the financial crisis hits us.  By then, it will be too late!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Western forces are behind Thailand (BKK) protests! - Part 2,drafting%20of%20a%20new%20constitution.

We are right about the BKK protests!

The BKK protestors have 3 demands.

"Three demands were presented to the Government of Thailand: the dissolution of parliament, ending intimidation of the people, and the drafting of a new constitution."

None of the 3 demands is about China or the banning of Huawei 5G.  Therefore, there shouldn't be any anti-China element in the protests unless the protests are funded by the US.

However, the Taiwan independence flag, Hong Kong pro-democracy flag, and the flag of Tibet were present during the BKK protests.  Why?

The answer is crystal clear!

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The US hospitality debts are going to blow up soon!

What will this impact?

Well, these hospitality debts are packaged into CMBS by banks and sold to the US FED and other investors.  Therefore, the banks won't be impacted as they've transferred the risks tother financial institutions and investors.

However, the CMBS market won't escape unscathed and might create a domino effect on other CMBS securities because investors might stay away from CMBS.  When the CMBS liquidity disappears, the prices will crash unless the FED is prepared to step in to support the market again.

This crisis will make it very difficult for the FED to remain assets light and the FED will be heavily loaded with high-risk assets which will make the FED hard to shed these risky assets in the future.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Western forces are behind Thailand (BKK) protests!

I see many similarities between the HK and BKK protests and I've highlighted them in this post.

The western forces (US & UK) are using the same modus operandi in HK and BKK.

The western forces will first instigate the local residents to hate their governments, brainwash them with western human rights values and democracy, and fund their protests to invoke a change in governance.

The first step to instigate the Thais to hate their King and government was done by a UK journalist.  He revealed the King's expenditures in an exorbitant and profligate manner with the intention to cause public disgruntlement.

Next, the western forces will brainwash the students with western human rights values and democracy since students are easily manipulated.  The students are usually the leading forces in the protests and they'll proclaim that their protests are leaderless which are just like HK's protests.

Lastly, the protests will be funded by western NGOs such as NED.

NED was set up by the CIA under the direction of President Ronald Regan.  On the surface, the NED's mission is to promote democracy but its real intention is toverthrow any anti-US government.

These BKK protests have caused many Thai family discords and disharmonies now because the older generations support the monarchy whilst the younger generations don't since they've been brainwashed.  This kind of family/society ramification also occurred in HK.

The Thais should look at HK and learn from Hongkongers' mistakes.  The Hongkongers are regretting their riotings in 2018-2019 now because corporation bankruptcies have gone up and the unemployment rate is at a 16-year high.  HK is worse off now after the HK riots and covid.

The covid outbreak has destroyed Thailand's economy and these BKK protests will only exacerbate the economic situation.  The bankruptcies and unemployment rates will rise correspondingly if these BKK protests are continued for a longer period.

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Many Hongkongers are regretting their riotings in 2018-2019 now!

Many HK pilots and aircrews would be fired and things wouldn't be this bad if there were no protests in 2018-2019.

The HK bankruptcies also started to creep up above its mean after 2018 because of the anemic GDP growth caused by the HK riots and covid outbreak.

Many rioters are regretting their actions now because they've sparked the economic downfall and they're experiencing severe economic repercussions.

Furthermore, China has given Shenzhen more autonomy to develop its own economy to supersede HK.

I believe the HK rioters have gotten what they've asked for.  Hahaha!