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Saturday, February 29, 2020

WHO has raised the covid-19 outbreak to the highest alert level.

This is really a piece of bad news for the stock markets.

The world is just waiting for a major outbreak in the USA now.  Even the US CDC said that it would be a matter of WHEN and not IF.  The US cannot contain the US flu virus and I doubt the US will be able to contain the covid-19 outbreak like what China is doing.  I suspect the US will focus on supportive healthcare for this outbreak instead which is what SG is doing.

Let's see how this will unfold.

Beware of Goldman Sachs!

GS is a devious investment bank!  Why?

Firstly, GS advised investors not to buy the stock dip.

Then, GS AMU went on to scoop up company shares during the stock dip despite telling investors not to buy.

Shame on you, GS!

Baltic dry index - 529

Today, Thursday, February 27 2020, the Baltic Dry Index climbed by 12 points, reaching 529 points.
Baltic Dry Index is compiled by the London-based Baltic Exchange and covers prices for transported cargo such as coal, grain and iron ore. The index is based on a daily survey of agents all over the world. Baltic Dry hit a temporary peak on May 20, 2008, when the index hit 11,793. The lowest level ever reached was on Wednesday the 10th of February 2016, when the index dropped to 290 points.
Related stock: Sembcorp Marine, Cosco & Pan ocean.

US rig count - 790

Related stock: Keppel Corp, Sembcorp Marine & Cosco.

United airlines and British Airways have cut flights to Singapore due to covid-19 outbreak.

If more airlines follow the US and UK, Singapore will become an isolated island and our air hub businesses will be badly affected.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Netlink - Stock calls

01/02/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.7650.99BuyDCF
01/02/19Kim EngNetlink0.7650.93Buy
01/15/19DBS VickersNetlink0.770.87BuyDCF
02/07/19Kim EngNetlink0.7850.93BuyDDM, PER38.8x FY21
02/08/19DBS VickersNetlink0.790.87BuyDCF, PER32.6x FY21
02/08/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.790.99Buy
02/15/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.8050.92BuyDCF, PER40x FY21
04/01/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.830.92Buy
04/01/19Kim EngNetlink0.830.93Buy
05/07/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.8250.92BuyDCF
05/09/19DBS VickersNetlink0.820.87Buy
05/15/19DBS VickersNetlink0.8350.9BuyDCF
05/15/19Kim EngNetlink0.8350.94BuyDDM
06/06/19DBS VickersNetlink0.8250.9Buy
06/12/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.8350.97Buy
06/27/19Kim EngNetlink0.890.94Buy
07/17/19Kim EngNetlink0.8850.94Buy
08/06/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.880.92BuyDCF
08/07/19Kim EngNetlink0.8650.94BuyDDM
08/07/19DBS VickersNetlink0.8650.95BuyDCF
10/07/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.91.01BuyDCF
10/17/19Kim EngNetlink0.91.03BuyDDM
10/18/19DBS VickersNetlink0.910.95Buy
11/04/19UOB Kay HianNetlink0.9351.01BuyDCF
11/05/19DBS VickersNetlink0.9551.04BuyDCF
11/05/19Kim EngNetlink0.9551.06Buy
01/03/20DBS VickersNetlink0.941.04BuyDCF
01/30/20UOB Kay HianNetlink11.05BuyDCF
02/10/20DBS VickersNetlink1.011.04BuyDCF
02/11/20UOB Kay HianNetlink11.05BuyDCF
02/12/20DBS VickersNetlink11.05BuyDCF

Nera Telecom - Stock calls

03/04/19Lim & TanNera Telecom0.2850Buy

Moya Asia - Stock calls

01/07/19DMG & PartnersMoya Asia0.060.11Buy
02/13/19DMG & PartnersMoya Asia0.0820.11BuyDCF
03/05/19DMG & PartnersMoya Asia0.0770.11BuyDCF
05/02/19DMG & PartnersMoya Asia0.0810.095Buy
06/06/19DMG & PartnersMoya Asia0.0760.1Buy
08/20/19DMG & PartnersMoya Asia0.0680.083BuyDCF
10/15/19DMG & PartnersMoya Asia0.0650.08Buy
01/09/20DMG & PartnersMoya Asia0.080.093BuyDCF

Stock calls for 28 February 2020

02/28/20DBS VickersAEM2.242.52BuyPER11.2x FY20
02/28/20UOB Kay HianCapitaland3.643.7HoldBuy @ $3.50
02/28/20DBS VickersCapitaland3.644.5BuyRNAV (20% discount)
02/28/20DBS VickersChina Aviation Oil1.161.65BuyPER10x FY20
02/28/20UOB Kay HianCity Developments10.1712.5Buy
02/28/20DMG & PartnersCSE Global0.5450.73BuyDCF
02/28/20UOB Kay HianCSE Global0.5450.72Buy
02/28/20CIMBCSE Global0.5450.77AddPER13.5x FY21
02/28/20DBS VickersDelfi0.961.55BuyPER23x FY20
02/28/20DBS VickersFirst Resources1.631.99BuyDCF
02/28/20Kim EngFirst Resources1.631.85BuyPER18x FY20
02/28/20DBS VickersFrencken0.8651.06BuyPER10x FY20
02/28/20DMG & PartnersFu Yu0.250.32BuyDCF
02/28/20DBS VickersHRnetGroup0.580.63Hold
02/28/20UOB Kay HianPropnex0.5550.68Buy
02/28/20DBS VickersVenture16.5118.5BuyPER13.9x FY20
02/28/20UOB Kay HianVenture16.5119.8Buy
02/28/20Lim & TanVenture16.510Buy on weakness
02/28/20Kim EngVenture16.5118.23BuyPB2x FY20
02/28/20Morgan StanleyWilmar4.155Overweight
02/28/20Credit SussieWilmar4.154.8Outperform
02/28/20JP MorganWilmar4.155Overweight