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Friday, July 15, 2016

UN has publicly declared that PCA is not related to UN.

USA can make a mockery of PCA because PCA is not part of UN.  USA dares not manipulate ICJ because UN won't allow anyone to undermine its credibility and reputation.  For example, USA sought UN's approval for Iraq invasion but UN disapproved it and US & UK invaded Iraq without UN's mandate.  This incident showed that UN would still protect its own credibility and reputation when any motion was illegal and inappropriate.


Eric Ho said...

ASEAN....Let's unite together and defuse the tension in South China Sea. Let's chase out the troublemaker!

Please spread the message that PCA is just a self-proclaimed international court which had issued an illegal ruling on South China Sea. There is only 1 international court and it is International Court of Justice (ICJ) which is under United Nation(UN). UN has publicly declared that PCA is not part of UN. We want peace and unity in ASEAN!

Eric Ho said...