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Sunday, March 12, 2017

What can Singapore learn from South Korea?

It is an extremely difficult and delicate balance to saunter the relationships between USA and China especially when these 2 titans are at odds with each other.  Let’s look at the horrendous outcome for South Korea as our learning lesson for the future.

South Korea tried to improve its economy by getting cozy with China with the intention to get favourable FTA from China but this economic motive angered USA especially when President Park visited China.  In return, USA demanded South Korea to install THAAD to contain China in the name of self-defence against North Korea.  South Korea was able to resist the USA pressure initially but cowered in because USA managed to get a handle on South Korea.  In the end, South Korea was forced to install THAAD to pacify USA.  However, the THAAD installation made China very furious and China retaliated with its economic prowess in staggered stages instead of full force with the hope of dissuading South Korea.  Thereafter, South Korea president ended up being impeached.

The lesson learnt is we cannot follow South Korea’s footstep to get economic benefit from China and yet help USA to contain China.  Nobody likes a snitch or a double-headed snake.  China has shown the world blatantly that it won’t allow itself to be treated like that either.

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