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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Hyflux is finished now.

Hyflux will be game over once it loses tuaspring desalination plant.

It has a defective plant not only in SG but also in overseas.  In fact, every plant is defective.

Goodbye Hyflux! RIP!


Eric Ho said...

PUB has been giving Hyflux a lot of leeways for not fulfilling the stipulated water contract.

PUB should have sought liquidity damage (LD) a long time ago and this problem would have surfaced much earlier. However, PUB chose to remain silent.

PUB is seeking LD now because it knows hyflux won't make it this time and the LD will be a hostile takeover of tuaspring plant. Many investors are still hoping that the government will BUY the plant but the government just need to seek LD from hyflux by taking over the plant.

Eric Ho said...

Hyflux is in deep shit!

Eric Ho said...

Gone with the wind.....Goodbye hyflux!