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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Ukraine will lose the war in 2024!

The west and the US have been churning massive misinformation about the Ukraine war online so that ordinary people reading the western news will think that Ukraine is winning the war.

The cold hard fact is Ukraine is losing the war and this war will probably end in 2024 with Russia emerging as the victor.  The war attrition rate is simply too high for Ukraine to sustain the fight and Russia will be launching a full scale war against Ukraine soon after the terrorism attack in Moscow.

Let's take a look at the attrition falsehood produced by Ukraine and the west.


The Ukraine conscription exercise also corroborated the claim.

The Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline had also started to revolt and surrender to the Russia recently.  Some of these defected soldiers are fighting alongside the Russians against Ukraine now because they want to dethrone Zelensky.

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