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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The true agenda behind the seizure of SG tanks in Hong Kong.

The seizure of SG 9 tanks in HK is not entirely targeted at SG but Taiwan.  Taiwan has been extremely anti-China after Tsai took office.  China wants to isolate Taiwan by cutting off Taiwan military ties with other countries.  Therefore, China is pressuring SG with diplomatic discussion over the handover of SG tanks in exchange for Taiwan isolation.

After the seizure, China air force flew around Taiwan to serve as a warning.

SG has been too complacent and insensitive towards China.  After making anti-China remarks over South China Sea Issues, SG should be careful about provoking China further.  When we have a good relationship with China, China can overlook a lot of things.  However, when the relationship is rocky, China will scrutinise a lot of things too.  There won’t be any preferential treatment from China when we don’t want China to look at SG as a Chinese nation.  There is no such thing as having the best of both worlds as we live in a harsh reality.  Let this be a small lesson learnt and hopefully our government will be more politically sensitive towards China.

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