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Saturday, September 9, 2017

China has made a decision to shut down bitcoin exchanges.

We knew such a thing would happen and we ain't saying this on hindsight.  The qualitative analysis would have revealed that the government won't allow it because allowing it would defy economic sense.

There are basically 3 ways to manage an economy: Monetary policy, Fiscal policy and Structural policy.  Cryptocurrency falls under the monetary policy and the government won't allow another currency in any form to flourish and compete with its own currency.  This will make it very hard for the government to manage its monetary policy, especially during crises.  Furthermore, this type of currency is highly subjected to abuses by private exchanges and criminals.  However, the blockchain technology behind this currency is more valuable than the currency itself and can be put to better use in other ways.

Bitcoin is a manipulated virtual currency that is under the control of a small group of people.  Have you ever wondered why the majority of bitcoin trading is only conducted in 3 countries (China, Japan and South Korea)?

Last but not least, nobody can create money out of thin air.  It's just a wishful thinking!


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