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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

China President Xi Jinping will be having a final showdown with Jiang Zemin soon.

The most corrupted person, Yang XiuZhu, was on a run for 13 years before she requested in the USA to return to China to face trial.  This was something puzzling and uncanny because she would be facing a death sentence in China under the corruption and bribery charges.

She was in custody for a long time before she was given a trial recently.  Why did she request to face trial in China after being on the run for 13 years? We'll come to this in a moment.

Meanwhile, President Xi had just completed his military revamp recently by replacing all the top honchos including the chief of general staff.  President Xi had managed to replace all the Jiang's henchmen in the military.  Therefore, he has total control of the military now and he can have a final showdown with Jiang Zemin.  Jiang is currently under house arrest in China.

The withholdment of Yang's sentence was bewildering because it was a corruption case proven beyond reasonable doubt.  It was speculated that Yang was willing to return to China to face trial because President Xi promised to pardon her death sentence in exchange for her to become a tainted witness to testify against Jiang Zemin.  We also believe this to be true because nobody would be so foolish to return to face a death sentence in China especially when she was no longer in China anymore.

Please read about the China political situation below.

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Eric Ho said...

Once China's most wanted fugitive, Yang Xiuzhu, was sentenced to 8 years in jail Friday for graft by a court in E China.

She has avoided the execution.