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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hot news! USA and Taiwan are in cahoots to topple the Cambodian government.

This is the usual mode of operandi whenever the local government is not the USA ally.  The USA knew that Hun was wary of USA operatives in Cambodia.  Therefore, the USA asked Taiwan to do this on behalf of the USA.  However, the Taiwan businessmen were taken aback by the Cambodian media outburst.

The Taiwan businessmen were so afraid of being implicated in this matter that they published in the mainstream newspaper for 3 days that they were not involved in this "regime change".

In the end, the Taiwan government was forced to come forth to deny any involvement in toppling the Cambodian government.

Cambodian Hun was just issuing a subtle warning to Taiwan through the media not to help the USA to topple the government and nobody was arrested in this episode.  Hun would have arrested those involved in the "regime change" if he didn't want to give Taiwan a chance to back off.  Hun was willing to give Taiwan a chance because he recognised the one-China policy.  Let's not forget Hun was a hard-handed man in the past.


Eric Ho said...

Just look at the Middle East.

USA also did the same thing to topple the local government in the Middle East.

Iraq, Libya, Afghan, Syria, etc.

Who is the real threat in this world? USA or China?

It's pretty obvious, isn't it?

Eric Ho said...

The worst war triggered by the USA: Rwandan Genocide

More than 1m black people died in this war because of USA.

Therefore, do not believe in the USA human rights propaganda.