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Thursday, December 9, 2021

The US democracy is about creating falsehoods.

The US is continuing its Xinjiang falsehoods again.  Let me debunk it once again.

For any cataclysmic event, there will be salient symptoms that are perceivable, particularly mass exodus.  We had seen a mass exodus in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Myanmar but not in Xinjiang.

Let's use the 4 salient symptoms to debunk the "genocide" in Xinjiang.

1. Uyghur's population increased by 25% to over 12m from 10m in less than a decade.
2. No mass exodus of Uygurs in Xinjiang compared to other cataclysmic events.
3. Xinjiang's GDP grew 7.2% annually prior to the pandemic despite the ongoing genocide.
4. Uygur's lifespan increased from 30 years to 74 years during the ongoing genocide.

Although the US had paid some Uyghur actors to describe the atrocities and tortures they had suffered, these paid actors couldn't pinpoint an exact internment location at all.  The US also couldn't locate an internment location with its satellites but it could locate mockups of F35 and aircraft carrier in the middle of nowhere in China.

Last but not least, the incarcerated number quoted by the US didn't really add up.  The US proclaimed that up to 2m Uyghurs were being detained in detention camps in Xinjiang.  However, when we did a simple logical calculation, the 2m number was quickly debunked.

Let me show you the simple logical calculation by using 1.5m.

Uyghur population: 12m
Incarcerated: 1.5m
Disgruntled (estimated): 9m

If these 1.5m Uyghurs were incarcerated and each of them had at least 3 family members (2 parents and 1 spouse or sibling), that would make 4.5m Uyghurs affected directly by the incarcerations.  If these 4.5m affected Uyghurs were to tell at least 2 people (1 relative & 1 friend), that would mean 9m Uyghurs would know about the incarcerations.  In other words, at least 75% (9/12m) of Uyghurs would know about the incarcerations.  However, we didn't see so many disgruntled Uyghurs in Xinjiang on the streets and these 9m Uyghurs also didn't revolt against the government.  It is simply impossible to hide 9m disgruntled Uyghurs from the media because 9m people will become a formidable force.

Either the US is treating the world as stupid or the US is stupid to create a falsehood that can be debunked so easily.

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