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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Prof Sachs: Covid was made in US lab! - Part 2

The US is embarking on a whitewashing campaign to debunk the covid lab leak theory after the EU professor's proclamation.  The US is pushing the zoonotic theory in China for the covid outbreak now but genome sequencing will debunk it.

The genome sequencing showed that the US had 5 generations of covid during the initial stage of the outbreak.  If the US had the ancestral covid virus, there was no way for zoonotic to happen in China because the ancestral covid virus was not found in China but in the US.

The US was the first to debunk the covid lab leak theory after the EU prof's proclamation.

A recent African study indicated that Africans had cross-reactive immunity against covid prior to the pandemic. How did Africa acquire covid immunity? This meant that Africa was exposed to the virus prior to the pandemic.  This debunked the zoonotic and lab leak theories in China.

Australia also accused China of creating the covid virus previously.  Look at what the Aussie professor is saying now!
The US, Africa, and Australia are debunking the Wuhan lab leak theory now.  Why?

The US is trying to stop the lab leak theory investigation because it doesn't want the truth to be revealed as this will trace it back to the US lab.

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