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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dr Lee Wei Ling said that her brother, Lee Hsien Loong, is not suitable to be a Prime Minister.

Wow! When a sister said such thing about her own brother, it left a big question mark about PM Lee.

Will PM Lee sue his own sister? If PM Lee doesn't sue her own sister, does that mean there are some elements of truth in her remarks?


Eric Ho said...

Eric Ho said...

PM Lee questions the veracity of his father's will and is trying to sow discord between Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling. Fortunately, Dr Lee trusts Lee Hsien Yang.

Dr Lee alleged that PM Lee and his wife were trying to kick Dr Lee out of his father's house......Wow!

Look like PM Lee made a baseless accusation against his younger brother because the old Lee signed beneath the demolition clause. Therefore, it's logical to say that the old Lee would have noticed it.

Eric Ho said...

Lee Hsien Yang will leave SG for fear of retaliation from the PM Lee, his own brother.

Eric Ho said...