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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

USA destroyer collision was due to blatant flouting of international maritime law.

USA destroyer collided with a container ship because it flouted the international maritime law.  USA destroyer suffered heavy damages on its right side (starboard) as it collided with the left side (port) of the container ship.

Anyone with a power craft boat licence will know that one cannot approach another vessel on its left side (port).  The right side (starboard) is designated with a GREEN light and the left side (port) is designated with a RED light.  When you see that your vessel is navigating towards a RED light (port) of another vessel, you should slow down or even stop.  Any vessel has to be mindful of its starboard (right side) and monitor any vessel approaching from its right.

Obviously, USA destroyer breached this international maritime law in the name of freedom of navigation and collided with the container ship.  A normal radar will show the direction, speed and trajectory of another vessel.  Therefore, the captain will definitely know that his vessel is approaching on the starboard or port of another vessel and any activity on its own starboard.

Shame on you, USA!

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