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Friday, June 16, 2017

Why is Lee Kuan Yew's house or will no longer a family affair!

Lee Kuan Yew's house or will is no longer a family affair for a simple reason despite PM Lee's assertion.
It used to be a family affair until PM Lee set up a ministerial committee to handle his "family affair".
When you use parliament or set up a ministerial committee to handle or take charge of something, it becomes a public or national issue because you are basically using our national resources to resolve the matter.
You cannot use our national resources to handle or resolve your private or family affair and still proclaim it to be a personal or family issue.
This is setting a dangerous precedent for our future PMs and we don't think this is right and therefore strongly oppose this.
If there's a doubt about the veracity of the will, please contest it in court with your own resources and not use our national resources.  Then you will have the right to proclaim this to be a family affair.

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