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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why did China set up a public trial and execute 13 drug lords?

A village in the city of Lufeng was a major drug manufacturing plant and the whole villagers were involved actively in the drug production.  It took 3,000 military police and 2 months of planning to storm into the village to arrest about 200 villagers.  Military police were involved because local police were bribed.

The public trial and immediate execution of 13 drug criminals were meant to send a strong signal to the other citizens in the village that drug production was a felony and anyone caught in production and selling of drugs would be executed.  This maybe a draconian tactic but it is a necessary one because high officials and the whole villagers were involved.

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Eric Ho said...

The villagers should be thankful that they're not in the Philippines because Duterte would kill them all.