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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Why did Middle Eastern Countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar?

Middle Eastern Countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar because Qatar paid ISIS US$30b ransom for the release of its 26 princes.  There was an unconfirmed news about the abduction of 26 princes.

26 princes went out for a hunting trip and got abducted by ISIS and Qatar paid US$30b ransom for the princes' release.  This angered its neighbouring countries as ISIS might kidnap their princes too because ISIS was successful in getting Qatar to pay.  The US$30b ransom will be a big boost to ISIS because it has enough money to carry out more and bigger terrorist activities now.


Eric Ho said...

The situation is getting dire in Qatar as supplies are running out. Qatar's neighbouring countries are banning supplies going into Qatar. This is a situation where you have money but cannot buy anything in Qatar.

Eric Ho said...

Official version:

Middle Eastern countries cut diplomatic ties with Qatar because Qatar foreign minister made a pro-Iran comment and the state media published it. This comment angered other Islamic countries and prompted Qatar's state media to remove the comment.

Does this make sense at all? The severing of a diplomatic relationship is a serious matter and these Middle Eastern countries did it over a comment. I'm pretty sure the USA could censure Qatar because the US Middle East military HQ is in Qatar. However, USA didn't do anything. There seems to be more to it than meets the eye.

Eric Ho said...

Some analysts are saying that this Middle East crisis could be the work of the USA and USA could be using the same strategy to create ramifications in the Middle East like what it did to Iraq.

The USA sent false signals to Iraq (Saddam) in 1990 that it would support Iraq by not sanctioning Iraq and also won't get involved in any military conflict between Iraq and another country. These false signals prompted Iraq to attack Kuwait and gave the USA the opportunity to mess up the Middle Eastern peace.

Could the USA be using the same strategy to mess up the Middle East again this time? The USA has been quiet about Qatar so far which is a familiar sight (just like Iraq in 1990).

Eric Ho said...

Here we go again! The USA is accusing Russia again through CNN news.

Eric Ho said...

Ok, I've found the news finally for the princes' abduction. Only US$1b ransom was paid, not US$30b as rumoured.

Eric Ho said...

There's a rumour now that the kidnapping was staged to give money to terrorists in the name of ransom.