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Monday, October 3, 2016

Golden week holiday in China will show how China perceives SG.

SG has started to prepare for the Golden Week holiday in China and is courting China tourists to come to SG.  The SG retail result will be an indication how China perceives SG after our PM's anti-china remarks in USA and Japan.  If there is a drop in retail sales from China tourists, it will likely indicate that anti-Singapore sentiment has taken root in China, just like what happened in Taiwan.
This article could be the harbinger for the anti-Singapore sentiment in China.

Recently, China caucus has been advising China communist party not to regard SG as Chinese and should treat SG as a normal sovereign without a Chinese root because SG has been making anti-China remarks.  Once this anti-Singapore sentiment starts brewing in China, we cannot turn back the tide and our economy will suffer.

Nonetheless, let's hope for the best and monitor the retail sales figures.

1 comment:

Eric Ho said...

Australia has already left South China Sea issue aside and no longer demanded China (claimant) to accept the PCA ruling because Australia has to accept its own PCA ruling which East TImor will enforce. Australia has acknowledged that PCA has no jurisdiction and PCA ruling is not legal binding.

More and more countries are getting out of South China Sea issue. Philippines (claimant), Vietnam (claimant) and Australia (non-claimant) are out already. Why is SG (non-claimant) so adamant in the South China Sea issue when claimants are not joining USA (non-claimant)? Claimants have more rights to be involved than non-claimants but it's the non-claimants that are making the most noise now. Is this logical?