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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Primary maths problem

There is a sum of $425 to be shared between bruce and charlie. bruce spends 2/3 of his money and charlie spends 1/4 of his money. In the end, charlie has 2 times more money than bruce. How much does charlie have at the end?

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Eric Ho said...


Let x be the initial sum for charlie and y be bruce. Convert all y into x.

x + 3/8x + 3/4x = 425
17/8 x = 425
Therefore, y=425-200=225
At the end, 200 * 3/4 = 150 is left for charlie.

Let's find out y using simultaneous equation. Convert all x into y.
y + 2/3y +2/9y = 425
17/9y = 425