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Friday, October 21, 2016

What's wrong with this article?

Asset and liability
China has realized its mistake to regard Singapore as a Chinese nation and the Chinese caucus has been advising the communist party not to do that recently due to anti-China remarks.  I wonder this is good or bad for SG as China will regard SG as just another sovereign without preferential treatment and SG will lose its facilitator role.

Singapore's commitment to Asean
Majority of Asean support China stance in South China Sea.  Only SG and Vietnam support USA stance in South China Sea.  How can there be unity in Asean with 2 Asean countries go against China among its 10 members?  One cannot just keep preaching unity without practising it.

Relations with major powers
If SG didn't side with USA, China diplomat won't demand SG to stay out of South China Sea in August 2016.  This is the first time that China used such harsh attitude towards SG.  Relationship with China has definitely gone south recently.

Different world views
Everyone wants a rule-based world but this rule-based standard must be applied universally.  In other words, no country can impose its will on others by might which is an ideology that we all strive to achieve.  This rule-based standard cannot be selectively applied.  For example, only certain countries can use might to rule this world but others cannot.  Who attacked Iraq without UN mandate with fabricated intelligence that Iraq possessed WMD? Who went around setting military bases in the world?  How come USA can meddle in South China Sea when it is a non-claimant? The reason is simple: USA has the might to do it!

We support all states to follow UN convention on the law of the sea but this convention can only be interpreted and served by a true and legal court.  ICJ is the only true and legal international court but not PCA.  One cannot enforce PCA ruling on one country but oppose PCA ruling on another country.  Therefore, we cannot ask China to adhere to PCA ruling but allow Australia to reject PCA ruling.  Philippines filed the case in PCA but not ICJ under the instruction of USA.  Why PCA but not ICJ?  This is because ICJ will throw out this case as it contravenes the ICJ jurisdiction.

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