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Friday, October 28, 2016

Malaysia to impose 20ringgit road charge for SG cars on 1 Nov 2016.

This is not a simple road charge but a punitive imposition by Malaysia.  There's more to it than just a simple road charge.

Malaysia will not be accommodative to Singapore anymore as it has China support to skin Singapore alive.  There will be harsher treatments from Malaysia in the future as it gets cozy with China.  Malaysia is happy to make Singapore collapse as it has been jealous of Singapore success for too long.

Malaysia PM and businessmen will be visiting China to meet Premier Li from 31 October to 7 November to get China investments to displace and replace the incomes earned from Singapore.  Who knows what else will be discussed on and under the table?

Like I said in my previous posts, China will have to annihilate Singapore economically to gain control of Asean and Malaysia is the best pawn to use against Singapore.  Malaysia will gain economic benefits from this economic warfare by containing SG.  This is the price SG has to pay for USA aggression in Asia.  China is just trying to make SG feel what China is feeling when USA tries to contain China in Asia.

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