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Sunday, July 30, 2017

China may attack India in August if India doesn't withdraw its troops.

Time is running out for China and India!


This is because the temperature will turn cold in September and it is not conducive to fight in such a cold climate at high altitude.  Therefore, China will want to resolve this border skirmish in August because it is a disadvantage to start a war in September.

India must retreat in August or face a losing war.  India cannot occupy its neighbour's territory and demand for a diplomatic discussion to resolve the issue or request both sides to retreat.  Where does India want China's troops to retreat to when China's troops are already in China's territory?

This is precisely why China refused to have a diplomatic talk with India because of India's incursion.  India had miscalculated and misjudged this incursion.  India will pay a super high price for such an incursion before China's 19th party congress.  Don't think that China won't start a war before 19th party congress!

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