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Monday, July 24, 2017

India must do a reality check or else it will suffer tremendously.

It is without a doubt that the border skirmish is in favour of China because India encroached on China's territory.

UN security council resolution states that any country can embark on military action against any incursion.  Therefore, China has been very restrained in dealing with India by not invoking military action against this incursion.

India was badly defeated in 1962 for invading China's border when both countries' powers were not significantly apart.  However, China's economic size and military power have progressed tremendously and the 2 countries are widely apart now.  India's land size is only 1/3 of China and its economy is about 20% of China's economy.

Therefore, India will suffer a humiliating defeat which is worse than 1962 when both countries go to war and both countries will not use any nuclear weapon for this war.

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