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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Foreigners' feedbacks are more important to SIA than logical rationale.

SIA may stop serving peanuts in its planes because of a toddler's allergy.

Parents should understand their own child's health and it is incumbent upon them to make sure that their kids don't eat a certain food.  However, parents have no right to demand airlines not to serve peanuts.  Can we demand NTUC not to sell peanuts or peanut butter because our kids are allergic to them?

Service providers have the right to sell/serve but we've the right to reject or not to buy.  By insisting the service providers not to offer them is not a democratic solution but a selfish act.

There are many allergies and we can't ban all the food.  If someone complains to SIA of chilli allergy, is SIA going to ban chilli?  If someone complains to SIA of seafood allergy which is very common, is SIA going to ban seafood too?

I must say SIA has no logical rationale.  No wonder it is losing to other airliners.

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