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Monday, July 24, 2017

Smearing campaign against China by BBC.

BBC is following CNN in fake news productions by stating that Vietnam stopped its oil drilling after China's threat.

Let's look at BBC recent reporting.

BBC reported false news about China-India border skirmishes when it stated that China was the first to remind India that China was not the China of 1962.

The true fact was India was the first to remind China that India was no longer the 1962 India.  Subsequently, China retorted by stating that China was also not the 1962 China.  BBC omitted the timelines of the statements to create a false impression in its reporting.

Let's look at the timeline reporting below.

India Arun was the first to state that India was no longer the 1962 India on 30 June 2017.

Then, China retorted on 3 July 2017 by stating China was also not the 1962 China.

However, BBC chose to omit the timelines in its prejudiced reporting and accused China of threatening India.  Shame on you, BBC!

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