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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The truth about China-India border skirmishes.

It was without a doubt that India encroached on China's territory because it wanted to stop the infrastructure development on China's border.

India felt threatened by the infrastructure development which would allow China to move troops to the China-India border rapidly.  However, this is not an excuse to enter China illegally to stop the development.  A country cannot tell another country what to do or not to do in its own country.

India also felt threatened by China's dam developments but India had no right to interfere in any constructions in China.  India can only blame its own geographical limitations.  Just like Singapore, we do not have water resources and have to rely on Malaysia for water.  However, we know we have no right to demand Malaysia to supply Singapore with water.  Therefore, we build new water and desalination plants to produce clean water for ourselves.

India thought it could bully China because of the upcoming 19th congress party.  It had been a China practice to maintain peace and order prior to the 19th congress party but China deviated from this practice this time.  China became more assertive by amassing more troops and conducting live firing exercise to show its determination to protect its border from any incursions.

India knew that it was no match for China and had been defeated by China before in 1962.  Therefore, India had to fabricate and spread some false news through its media and other online channels to garner support for its illegal actions.

After seeing China's assertive stance against India's incursion prior to the 19th congress party in China, India had decided to soften its aggression and try to ease the tension through the diplomatic solution.

India will be meeting China on 28 July to resolve this matter.


Eric Ho said...

False news produced by India media.

India external affairs ministry debunked the false news.

Eric Ho said...

India came out to debunk the false news after some introspection that it went overboard with the fake news.

It will be difficult for India to resolve the border issue with China on 28 July 2017 if the fake news is spreading like wild fire.

Eric Ho said...

The truth is out. It was Pakistan who created the fake news to sow discord between India and China. This smearing campaign was aimed to trigger a war between India & China so that Pakistan would reap the benefit from the border's war.

Pakistan might have the intention to attack India on its own border while India was waging a war with China. Luckily, both India and China quickly dismissed the ruse.