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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Political battles are playing out in China!

Have you ever wondered why billionaires in China are getting into troubles?

This is because President Xi is getting rid of the cohorts that belong to the corrupted system.  President Xi is engaged in a dragon-tiger battle in which Xi is the dragon and Hu, Li and Jiang are the 3 tigers.

Let me give you a synopsis of the corrupted system.

Jiang Zemin wielded powers in the military and finance industry.  President Xi managed to wrestle the military power from Jiang prior to taking down his key henchman, Zhou Yong Kang.  Currently, Jiang Zemin is under house arrest (I verified this with my China relative.).

Li Peng wielded powers in the electrical power and finance industry.  President Xi removed Li Peng's daughter from the power industry.

Hu Jin Tao wielded powers in the electrical power and water industry.

Most of the China billionaires are not true entrepreneurs and they amassed tremendous wealth through political powers with their connections.  Wanda's Wang Jian Lin was closely connected to Bo Xi Lai who was taken down by Xi because Bo Xi Lai was Zhou Yong Kang's henchman.  Wang Jian Lin would follow Bo Xi Lai wherever Bo was posted and Bo would approve Wangda's malls in prime districts.

President Xi had ordered banks to terminate all financing to Wangda which caused Wang Jian Lin to sell his company assets to raise funds.  There will be more troubles for Wang Jian Lin because the government is checking his accounts for money laundering.

Leeco's founder also got into troubles because of his background.

Jack Ma of Alibaba is very worried now because he is also closely associated with the old guards.

President Xi survived 2 assassinations (one gunshot and one intoxication) while trying to get rid of the 3 tigers.  Jiang was believed to be the mastermind of the assassinations.


Eric Ho said...

Wu Xiaohui is closely associated with Zhou Yong Kang. He was one of those responsible for short-selling China stock market when AIIB was set up.

Eric Ho said...

Sun Hongbin is also in trouble now for helping Wang Jianlin by buying Wangda's assets.

Eric Ho said...

Leeco is in deep shit now. Heehee!

Eric Ho said...

Latest update on Xi Jinping's assassinations. He was assassinated about 6 times, not just 2 times which I mentioned in my post. I only knew about the 2 assassinations and I posted on what I knew.