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Friday, July 28, 2017

South China Sea won't be peaceful anymore!

The UK wants to join in the "fun" now.

The western countries are never part of Asia but they want to control Asia in the name of FON (freedom of navigation).  They cannot cite a single case of China stopping any commercial ship sailing in South China Sea but will carry on with their smearing and fearmongering campaigns against China.

I think China should change its strategy of not forming a strategic alliance like NATO because it is very difficult to fight alone.  An APTO (asia pacific treaty organization) is definitely welcome in Asia to stop the western countries from meddling with or controlling Asia.

We also need AMF (Asia monetary fund) to handle any financial crisis in Asia because IMF is too prejudiced.  Even though IMF has indicated that it will move its HQ to Beijing in the future, we must always be on our guard because IMF places more stringent requirements on Asia countries than western countries.  Just look at how the IMF treated Thailand and Indonesia during the asia financial crisis.  Now, look at how IMF treats EU especially Greece.

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Eric Ho said...

This could be the UK strategic move to try to gain a bargaining chip to negotiate a better trade deal with China because it has to rely on China after Brexit.

Looks like everyone is doing the same thing nowadays. When you have no bargaining chip, you have to create a stinging issue to negotiate with your opponent.